The Graduation Ceremony 2023 was held at Gubkin University

On 29 June 2023, the Graduation Ceremony was held at Gubkin University. Special events were organized as part of the Ceremony where distinguished students were awarded. For the second year in a row, the Graduation Ceremony was organized in the “without borders” format.

In 2023, 146 specialists, 1,344 bachelor’s degree and 841 master’s degree holders, as well as 14 graduates of the Military Training Center (regular officers) graduated from the University.

The Graduation Ceremony is a long-awaited day for students during their studies at the University. Honored guests, graduates and their parents gathered in the Palace of Culture "Gubkinets".

In 2023, graduates from the Orenburg Branch of Gubkin University participated in the Ceremony. Thanks to their hard-working attitude to learning and active life position, they were awarded the right to receive a diploma on the main stage of the University.

“Dear graduates, parents and faculty members! Today, as always, Gubkin University graduates are needed by the industry and the labor market. Reputable rankings confirm the demand for Gubkin University graduates among employers and rank Gubkin University as one of the leaders for many years. Speaking about the future of our graduates, I hope that the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired at the University will help you build a great career. Good luck and success to you!” – said Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University welcoming the graduates.

Following the Graduation Ceremony, various creative teams of the Palace of Culture “Gubkinets” organized a gala concert.