Student Organizations

Gubkin University students have the opportunity not only to advance their professional skills, but also to participate in the active life of the University, find reliable friends and wise mentors, develop their interests and hobbies, be engaged in research, cultural and sports activities.

In addition, student government is a youth analog of engagement and interaction of people in a team, similar to professional environment which every student will face after graduation. Participating in activities and projects of student organizations, students strengthen a number of valuable skills, including communication, leadership, teamwork, public speaking and many others.

Joint Council of Students

The Joint Council of Students brings together leaders of student organizations and faculties – the most active students who are not indifferent to the life of the University. The main goal of the Council is to develop effective system of student government. The Council creates favorable environment for student fulfillment in research, profession, creative work and sports as well as enables them to participate in management of educational organization and assess the quality of the educational process. The Council deals with all issues related to student life at the University, organizes events, works with first year students, and assists students to solve their problems.

International Friendship Club

The International Friendship Club is a youth public organization which joins together Gubkin University students from various countries. Being involved, students have a chance to learn more about traditions, history and culture of other nations as well as represent their own culture. They also develop their intellectual abilities and demonstrate their talents, gain experience in implementing important social and cultural projects, develop leadership skills and find new friends and connections. The main goal of the Club consists in strengthening friendly and cultural relations between students, and is of great importance nowadays in the globalized world. Achievement of this goal contributes to formation of a mature personality and a versatile specialist.

Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPE Student Chapter of Gubkin University was established in 2003 in order to involve the University students in international research and professional environment. Gubkin University Chapter maintains contacts with other SPE Student Chapters around the world and holds various conferences, forums, intellectual games internationally as well as receives international delegations and industry representatives in the University. As part of SPE Student Chapter, students become members of a strong team and get complimentary access to resources of the Society – information about upcoming conferences and forums, subscriptions to electronic journals, access to language clubs, trainings, participation in educational travels, search for internships and many others. Annually, Gubkin University delegates students to participate in international scientific and technical activities of the Society, and provides access to OnePetro resource – a unique online library of technical literature for the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Student Scientific Society

The Student Scientific Society is a public organization that unites students interested in research, design, survey, implementation of activities and studying of materials on academic disciplines which go beyond the academic programs; and professors, lecturers, academic staff of the University who guide students’ activities. The work of the Student Scientific Society is aimed to develop creativity, identify and support talented young people as well as to build talent pool effective and prepared for research, design and production activities and work in the field of humanities.

Sports Club

The Sports Club is a public union established to develop physical training and student sports at the University, attracting active, sporty and interesting people. The Club joins together all students for whom sports is a lifestyle. The University hosts a number of different sports events, which are organized by the Sports Club. Being a member of the organization, every student may take part in competitions at the University, city or even country level. Alongside with sports activities, students may get involved in organizing sports events hosted by the University, establish new contacts with athletes from other universities, and learn about sports events in other cities.

Tourist Club

The Tourist Club was opened in 2014. For this period, activists from the Tourist Club have managed to organize and participate in self-contained trips to the Crimea, Western Caucasus and the Kola Peninsula, various weekend hiking in the Moscow region, training camps in Zaluchye as well as many competitions, races and tourist gatherings. The goal of the Tourist Club is to promote and develop tourism, healthy lifestyle, active recreation, physical and athletic improvement, personal enrichment of the Tourist Club members through mass tourism events, competitions and gatherings; assist in development of new geological routes for field geological training.

Council of Gubkin University Students

The campus of Gubkin University includes over 4,000 students with their own interests, wishes and problems. Activists from the Council of Gubkin University Students help make these wishes true, solve problems and organize the life on campus in comfortable and interesting way. In addition, the Council of Gubkin University Students ensures and protects the rights of students on campus and the University, and settles disputes. The Council helps its members join in social life of the University and develop their personal qualities that might be useful in the future, including teamwork and leadership.

Union of Creative Students

The Union of Creative Students is a student organization aimed at leisure management of the University students as well as engagement of students to participate in creative groups, studios, events of the palace of culture “Gubkinets”. Being a member of the Union, many students get a chance to demonstrate their talents and abilities, and get involved in social and cultural activities, including music, dancing, theatrical performance and humor. Traditionally, the University hosts various events such as Pushkin Youth Arts Festival, Miss University, Freshman Day, Gubkin University Student Day and many others that are delivered by the Union members in the palace of culture “Gubkinets”.

Gubkin University TV

GUtv is Gubkin University student television. Throughout the academic year GUtv provides good-quality materials about the brightest and most interesting events taking place in the University, Moscow city, in Russia and abroad, as well as broadcasts live concerts, open days, forums, and other important events. Therefore, in addition to university education, GUtv offers a good chance to all interested students to gain practical experience in professional environment and develop personal portfolio. For many students television has become not just a hobby, but major occupation. In addition, GUtv holds master classes for other universities where student television is at the outset. Every month GUtv studio hosts workshops for students from Moscow, and every Saturday – webinars for secondary school students from other regions.

Student Task Force

Student Task Force of Gubkin University is a student organization aimed at maintaining public order on the University campus. The Task Force is the guardian of peace and safety of every University student. Its effective work is based on precise team interaction, good physical training and legal literacy of the Task Force members as well as equipment with all necessary technical means.

Student Union

The Student Union is a voluntary student organization established to represent and protect social, economic and other rights of students. The Union is the point of contact between the University leadership and students. It represents the rights and interests of its members, participates in settlement of disputes between students and the University administration. The Union has the mandate to make proposals for adoption of local acts affecting the rights and interests of students. One of the important functions of the Union is to support its members in difficult situations. Among other things, the Union establishes the platform for personal fulfillment of students: it organizes and hosts cultural events, additional trainings aimed at development of personal qualities, social project planning skills and many others. To maintain the connection with students within such a large organization, every student group delegates the Union leader to represent the interests of the group in the organization.

Council of Group Monitors

The Council of Group Monitors joins together monitors of student groups from all University faculties in order to contribute to the management of educational process of the University. The activities of the Council are aimed to establish connections with both the faculty and the administration and with students. Presently, the Council is actively engaged in the quality of education and, in fact, serves as a student committee on the quality of education offered by Gubkin University.

Case Club

Gubkin University Case Club is a network of students who are united by the desire to study and develop, acquire knowledge in a contemporary training format and discuss business cases of the largest companies in the world. The main objectives of the Case Club are to train students to solve cases, develop their teamwork and public speaking skills, and transfer experience of leading experts from consulting companies. To prepare for case championships, Gubkin University Case Club team hosts public lectures, workshops and classes, where all interested students have the opportunity to apply technical and economic knowledge, strategic thinking, market analysis tools as well as broaden their outlook.