14 july 2021

Open seminars "Present and Future of Russian Oil Refining" were held at Gubkin University for Russian and international students

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12 july 2021

Students of the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics completed the practical training in Crimea

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8 july 2021

Gubkin University is ranked among top Russian universities by Expert RA

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1 july 2021

Graduation Ceremony 2021 was held at Gubkin University

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20 june 2021

Gubkin University announces the launch of the Admission Campaign 2021

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2 june 2021

The Chair of the Joint Council of Students participated in the meeting with the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

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1 june 2021

The Student Scientific Society activist became SDG 14 Youth Ambassador in Russia

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Oil and Gas Horizons

Event type:  International Youth Congress
Date:  07/26/2021
Time frame:  16-19 November

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Arctic Engineering

Event type:  International School
Date:  09/20/2021
Time frame:  20-25 September

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Integrated Science-Based Asset Management for Oil and Gas

Event type:  International Conference
Date:  10/20/2021
Time frame:  20-22 October

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2021 International Conference on Electrotechnical Complexes and Systems

Event type:  Call for Papers
Date:  10/27/2021
Time frame:  27-29 October

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COTech & OGTech 2021

Event type:  International Conference
Date:  11/25/2021
Time frame:  25-26 November

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Nanomaterials 2021 Young Investigator Awards

Event type:  Call for Nominations
Date:  11/30/2021
Time frame:  30 November

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