Rector’s Greeting

Dear Friends!

First of all I would like to thank you for the interest in Gubkin University, one of the leading industry-oriented universities in Russia and worldwide.

Capabilities and talents of active young people require not only professional development, but formation of proactive attitude to life in order to raise patriots of their motherland willing to dedicate themselves to work in a friendly family of oil and gas professionals. Whatever challenges the modern economy, and even the Nature itself, throws down at us, Gubkin University graduates always find efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for use of natural resources in order to improve the quality of life!

In the new century, the university trains progressive personnel capable to think globally and work in an international team. Knowledge and skills given by the best university faculty enable to achieve success in career and business, implement new engineering ideas for use oil and gas as a source of energy and raw materials for manufacturing the most recent materials. Only the best and most motivated young people are able to go through Gubkin school and realize their full potential in large ambitious projects: from extraction of challenged and alternative hydrocarbon reserves to development of mineral resources of the Arctic Region and even other planets in the future!

The best university faculty and researchers know the secrets of training high-quality engineers and multidisciplinary professionals with a broad outlook and strategic thinking. A tight-knit student brotherhood of "Gubkineers" will open its doors for you and make everything possible – from victory in creative competitions and art festivals to championship in international sports competitions and conquest of the highest mountain peaks!

Over the last 89 years, the university prepares the personnel for the state and grows new century leaders willing and capable to manage research projects, exploration works on-site, industrial facilities and even major international energy business.

Welcome to the friendly family of Gubkin University, the family of oil and gas professionals, the family of leaders and intellectuals, the family of real patriots, motivated, inspired and successful people!

Viktor Martynov

Rector of Gubkin University