Sports and Recreation

Student sports at Gubkin University has strong traditions, including the Olympics.

Due to compulsory physical training, all students are engaged in sports from the beginning of their studies at the University. Students are able to practice aerobics, cheerleading, recreational gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, sambo, general physical training and other sports.

In addition, students participate in the University sports contest. The best athletes are involved in the national teams and have the opportunity to represent the University at inter-university competitions. They take part in official competitions on both the national and international levels, among them there are the winners of the European and World Championships.

The University provides students with everything needed for sports activities and preparation for competitions. There are 5 gyms located in the University buildings; and a sports hall, a stadium and sports rooms – on campus.

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The University infrastructure includes 4 bases where recreation activity during summer vacations, offsite studies, practical trainings and student events are usually held.

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