Mission and Strategy

Mission statement

To be the driver of generating new knowledge and ensuring the competitiveness of domestic oil and gas technologies, the main foundry for training specialists-innovators which consolidates the resources of high school, academic and industry science towards technological progress of oil and gas production as the key factor of sustainable development of the country.


The university strategy is reflected in the Comprehensive Development Program of Gubkin University for 2016-2020 which was approved by the Academic Council of the University on 22 December 2015.

The goal of the Program is to create modern environment for scientific and educational activities, consolidating the intellectual, material and information resources of the university, academic, industry science and business; to develop in this environment world-class scientific research, project and innovative work; and to implement cutting-edge educational technologies for stable training of high-quality specialists for the fuel and energy complex.

To achieve the main goal of the Program the following objectives are set:

  • to build capacity in research and teaching based on development of mechanisms for integration of intellectual, material and information resources of the University, industry research institutes and the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS);
  • to improve delivery in research and development, and through the system of small enterprises provide commercial use of research products developed by university scientists and the university revenue growth through expansion of the engineering sector and innovation of the National Research University (NRU);
  • to achieve the high level of participation of the University faculty, graduate and postgraduate students in research and project work, as well as participation of researchers and postgraduate students in the educational process, significantly scaling up the number of young faculty members and researchers;
  • to equip the basis for practical work, research and academic laboratories, research and educational centers, including those developed for pre-commissioning activities, to the level of the leading universities worldwide;
  • to develop in collaboration with oil and gas companies industry professional standards, and thereupon launch the competency-based models of specialists-innovators, design educational programs, with the focus on training Master’s and PhD degree students;
  • to develop the technology of training students in virtual environment of professional engagement in order for them to acquire innovation competencies;
  • to give a boost to cooperation of Gubkin University with foreign universities, create conditions for attracting foreign researchers to work together with the University researchers;
  • to implement the function of the National Research University as a center for collecting and disseminating new knowledge and replicating the University achievements in innovation among other universities of the country.

According to the mission, the University, on request of the industry companies and research institutes, conducts and develops training, retraining and advanced professional training of specialists, carries out research across the whole spectrum of core technologies for oil and gas production, and actively puts its developments into practice. The priority issue areas for development include:

  • energy efficiency and energy saving in development and use of hydrocarbon resources;
  • buildup of the resource base for the fuel and energy complex: exploration and development of hydrocarbon fields on the shelf, hard-to-recover deposits and unconventional sources of hydrocarbons;
  • environmental and industrial safety of oil and gas production.

The priority issue areas for development are included in the Comprehensive Development Program of Gubkin University for 2016-2020.