Research Units

Research is conducted at units of the University, research centers, laboratories, small enterprises as well as institutes, the University departments and the Engineering Center.

Gubkin University has the status of a national research university. Therefore, necessary innovative infrastructure and advanced scientific equipment are available at the University.

In order to carry out research the faculty and staff are provided with access to the material and technical resources of the University, which include academic and research complexes and systems, unique installations, hardware and software complexes and other expensive equipment.

Since 2010 at the expense of the National Research University Program, sponsorship funds and own financial resources, Gubkin University has reequipped 35 research and academic laboratories, and established 12 new laboratories equipped with modern facilities and equipment. The University developed and adopted the environment of a virtual oil and gas enterprise in the academic process which consists of several modules – the Center for field development control, the virtual oil refinery, the Center for dispatch control of gas transmission and production complexes, the full-sized drilling simulator of virtual presence. In total, over 1 billion rubles were invested to acquire equipment and other tangible assets to ensure the University development program.

Research laboratories

  • Laboratory for problems of oil and gas potential in East Siberia and Yakutia
  • Laboratory for lithology of reservoir rocks
  • Laboratory for oil and gas prospecting geology
  • Laboratory for studying and summarizing international experience in the oil industry
  • Laboratory for hydrodynamic foundations and problems of enhancing oil and gas condensate recovery of reservoirs, and objectives of oil-field ecology
  • Research of hydrocarbon systems over a wide range of status parameters
  • Laboratory for physical methods of pressure, volume, and temperature analysis and industry dispersed systems
  • Laboratory for design engineering of polymer coatings for oil and gas equipment and facilities
  • Laboratory for wear resistance of rock-destruction tool
  • Laboratory for equipment testing and certification
  • Laboratory for gas-field equipment
  • Laboratory for oil-well pumping units
  • Laboratory for catalytic synthesis of fuel additives, antioxidants and monomers
  • Laboratory for improvement in production technology, improvement in quality of packaging and transport methods of petroleum bitumen
  • Laboratory for industrial kinetics and catalysis
  • Laboratory for synthesis of tension active substances containing nitrogen
  • Laboratory for motor fuel stabilizers and modifiers
  • Laboratory for physics and chemistry fundamentals of corrosion protection
  • Laboratory for quality control problems in fuel and energy complex
  • Laboratory for biotechnology in oil and gas industry
  • Center for nanodiagnostics
  • Laboratory for environmental problems at enterprises of chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industries of the national economy
  • Petrochemical testing laboratory
  • Academic and research chemical analytical laboratory
  • Applied mathematics laboratory
  • Laboratory for problems of gas supply system development and operation

Research and academic centers

  • Center for modeling of oil and gas geosystems and sedimentary basins
  • Center for efficiency improvement in oil and gas resource management
  • Center "SMENA"
  • Center for energy saving technologies and engineering diagnostics
  • Center for production chemistry
  • Center for gas chemistry
  • Institute of alternative fuels
  • Center for catalytic processing of raw hydrocarbons
  • Center for wave and high-energy impact on oil dispersed systems
  • Center for nanotechnologies in oil and gas industry
  • Center for automation and information support of oil and gas production processes
  • Interdepartmental research center of advanced materials for fuel and energy complex
  • Center for integrated analytical research
  • Center "ANTIKOR"
  • Center for quality management in the oil and gas complex