At the moment, student sport at Gubkin University is being developed in three major areas – internal student sport at the University, sport in combined University teams and high performance sport.

All students are engaged in mass sports at the University. This happens due to physical training which is compulsory for all students from the beginning of their studies at the University. Students practice aerobics, cheerleading, recreational gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, sambo, general physical training and other sports.

The key internal competition for the University students is the University sports contest in 15 sports. While practicing sports students achieve sports tittles. In addition, the University hosts a sports contest for the first-year students and a sports campus contest.

The best athletes are involved in combined University teams in various sports. The key official competitions for the combined University teams are the Moscow Student Sports Games which are held among Moscow universities. Nearly 90 universities participate in the Moscow Student Sports Games in 87 program types.

In the 28th Games Gubkin University students took part in 75 program types and won 15 team places, and became second in the absolute team scoring among all Moscow universities.

The high performance sport implies participation in the official competitions of the national and international level.

In 2016 the University team in fitness aerobics became a gold medalist at the International World Fitness Championships held in Vienna-Schwechat, Austria; the student Boris Ilyin became the World Champion in powerlifting in a separate type of exercise (bench pressing) in the age category up to 23 years old; and the University team BARREL became the champion of the Open European Championship held in Paris, France.

Gubkin University provides students with everything needed for sports activities and preparation for competitions. There are 5 gyms in the University buildings, including a fitness center equipped with stationary bicycles, running tracks, exercise machines and other equipment. On campus there is a sports hall for volleyball, basketball and ping pong; a stadium for practicing track and field athletics and football; and sports rooms in the dormitories.