University Life

Gubkin University is distinguished by a very vibrant and diverse social life. In addition to academic activities, students are involved in sports and creative work, join student organizations and prepare international events, protect the rights of other students, participate in intellectual competitions and research conferences, become volunteers of various events and engage in charity.

While participating in different social activities, students make friends and establish contacts, foster valuable leadership and communication skills, develop new talents and open career opportunities. They are able to put into practice any of their challenging ideas.

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All these opportunities are available to students due to the developed University infrastructure, activities of many student organizations, creative studios and sports sections. The University gives extensive support to ensure young people have everything for personal growth within the University and campus, and hosts special events aimed at rallying students, developing their personal qualities and teambuilding skills.

Through close collaboration with the University administration and senior peers, coming generations of students adopt valuable experience, and get involved easily in current projects as well as design their own. Every student who wants to participate in the University life can be sure of getting extensive support and joining the team of like-minded people.