Campus Residency

Gubkin University campus is located in the south-west of Moscow not far from Kaluzhskaya metro station. Campus housing includes 5 multi-storey buildings for 4,176 accommodation places.

The University campus is a conveniently located complex with well-developed infrastructure, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable students’ stay and rest – shared rooms, sports halls, a gym, a computer center, a movie hall, rooms for out-of-class activities such as music, drama etc. Dormitories are located 30-40 minutes by public transport from the main University academic buildings.

International students are provided with accommodation for the whole period of studies.

Contact details:
Office for Work on Campus
Phone: +7 (499) 507-89-11

Campus buildings:

  • 1 Butlerova Street, Moscow
  • 3 Butlerova Street, Moscow
  • 5 Butlerova Street, Moscow
  • 2 Akademika Volgina Street, Bulding 1, Moscow
  • 2 Akademika Volgina Street, Bulding 2, Moscow