Gubkin University is the leading institution in the system of higher oil and gas education in Russia.

Gubkin University is a powerful national research center and a real source of manpower for the Russian oil and gas industry. According to the proportion of budget income from research, the University is in top rank among the Russian industry universities.

Gubkin University was founded in 1930 by the outstanding scientist, academician Ivan Gubkin. For almost a century, the University has trained more than 90,000 diploma engineers, Candidates and Doctors of Sciences.

Gubkin University actively applies innovative learning methods and the interdisciplinary approach to education, develops infrastructure for training in virtual environment of professional activity based on interactive full-scale simulators, computer models and systems.

Today Gubkin University is a modern innovative university, one of the flagships of Russian higher technical education which received the status of ‘National Research University’ in 2010. Representatives from all 83 regions of Russia and 65 countries from all over the world study at Gubkin University. Every ninth student is international. The University cooperates actively with leading academic institutions on the global level and develops various international Master's degree programs.

"Your university is a powerful center of national science, a true talent foundry for Russian oil and gas industry. Gubkin University diploma is respected and recognized far beyond the borders of the country. I have no doubt that your university will continue to keep its glorious traditions, and its graduates will honestly serve Russia."

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

The University infrastructure includes three academic buildings connected by walkways, several gyms, the palace of culture with modern concert equipment and creative studio facilities, a new building of the National Oil and Gas Library with reading and conference halls, the sports camp and the comfortable recreation camp in Tver Oblast. Gubkin University campus contains five multi-storey buildings for 4,176 accommodation places, including the stadium, several gyms, leisure centers, business school, the theater hall and the music club.