Gubkin University is the leading institution in the system of oil and gas education in Russia keeping up the best traditions of the Russian higher school, one of the flagships of the higher technical education in Russia.

The focus on industry, developed research and technical base and vast experience enable Gubkin University to remain the leader in development and application of innovative solutions.

One of the most important success criteria of research and technological development is the demand for results of research activity by the business community.

Technology Platform

Technology Platform “Technologies for extraction and use of hydrocarbons” is a public-private partnership project launched by Gubkin University in 2010 upon the decision of Government Commission for Advanced Technology and Innovation for the purpose of technological modernization of the Russian economy. The Platform serves as an instrument for making science, technology and innovation policy in the field of hydrocarbons production and use.

Gubkin University is the coordinator of the Technology Platform.

The Platform is aimed at development of breakthrough energy-efficient and resource-saving technologies which shape new markets of high-technology products and services in oil and gas production, oil and gas engineering, transportation and efficient use of hydrocarbon resources.

The key technological areas of the Platform include:

  • the growth of hydrocarbon reserves;
  • the increase of oil recovery efficiency;
  • the intensification of oil production;
  • technologies of APG utilization;
  • drilling and oil and gas fields development;
  • offshore field development technologies;
  • hydrocarbon production from unconventional fields.

Currently, the Technology Platform numbers 262 participants including 41 higher education institutions, 32 research institutes, 7 experimental design bureaus, 98 design and service organizations, 75 manufacturing enterprises and 9 international organizations.

The Platform contains information about the developed technologies and other results of the participants' activity as well as detailed information about research and manufacturing facilities that makes it possible for researchers to significantly increase their opportunities.

Significant projects implemented by the Platform:

  • launch of such information resources as,, electronic journal "Technologies for extraction and use of hydrocarbons";
  • establishment of the All-Russian Center for Collective Use;
  • establishment of expert councils;
  • collection of developments for the oil and gas industry, publication of the Catalog of Innovative Developments of the Platform participants;
  • development of professional standards;
  • drawing up the Roadmap for Innovation in the Oil and Gas Industry.

The Platform offers the following opportunities to its participants:

  • organization of events aimed at collaboration and networking of the Platform participants with peers from international organizations;
  • development of research and innovative infrastructure;
  • assistance in training and advanced training of research personnel and engineers;
  • development of communication in research, technical and innovation fields;
  • development of mechanisms of regulation and self-regulation;
  • project selection and expertise for the Federal Target Program "Research and development".

Engineering Center

In 2015 Gubkin University received the state support for the project aimed at development of the Engineering Center in the field of oil and gas machine building.

Gubkin University has the necessary research and technology advance, innovation infrastructure and experience in implementing engineering projects in the oil and gas industry at all stages of the processing chain. Therefore, the University has formed the primary technological base of the Engineering Center by bringing into the project intellectual, personnel, organizational and material resources.

The project of the Engineering Center hosted by Gubkin University is aimed at development in the Russian oil and gas industry of a modern type of technological service – technological engineering which is to provide the customer with the technological information necessary to design and develop commercially the industrial products or to construct the industrial facility and set it into operation.