Gubkin University is the leading Russian industry institution that trains specialists for the global oil and gas industry. Over 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, including international students from more than 75 countries, are enrolled at the University.

Gubkin University offers four types of degrees, such as Bachelor’s or undergraduate degree, Specialist’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctoral degree or PhD.

A distinctive feature of the Russian education is a Specialist’s degree program. The Specialist’s (engineer’s) degree is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree level; however, it implies high-quality and in-depth technical training within the selected major. Therefore, the period of study at these programs is one year longer. Upon completion of a Specialist’s degree program, students have an opportunity to apply directly for postgraduate studies at Gubkin University.

Bachelor’s degree program takes four years to complete. Specialist’s degree program requires five years of full-time study. Master’s degree program requires two years of full-time study. Unlike most other university systems, Russian university curriculum offers a two-tier program in postgraduate studies: applicants work from three to four years of studies toward candidate of sciences designation and afterwards from five to fifteen years toward doctor of sciences designation. Both are viewed as an equivalent to PhD.

The final stage at any level of study is a graduate qualification work or a thesis written under the guidance of the supervisor.

  • 300International
  • 911Faculty
  • 200Academic
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Enrollment campaign at Gubkin University takes place during summer period, and classes begin for all students in September. The academic year is divided into two semesters. Every semester ends with an examination session. Summer vacation lasts for two months; some students do practical training during summer which continues for up to one month.

September – December Fall semester
First week of January New Year holidays
January Winter examination session
First week of February Winter vacation
February – May Spring semester
June Summer examination session
July – August Practical training, summer vacation

Prospective international students are offered to take a ten-month Preparatory course which enables them to integrate smoothly into life in Russia and prepare for further studies at Gubkin University as well as learn the Russian language.

In addition to the main academic programs, Gubkin University offers a wide range of additional professional programs for graduates and industry professionals.

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