The 7th Youth Festival of Ecology and Sustainable Development “VuzEcoFest – 2021” was held at Gubkin University

From 19 April to 19 May 2021, the 7th Youth Festival of Ecology and Sustainable Development “VuzEcoFest – 2021” was held at Gubkin University. Within the framework of the festival, various events were organized to promote the environmental education of students.

The festival was organized by the Student Scientific Society and the Department of Geoecology of the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics with the support of the Student Trade Union.

On 19 April 2021, students visited the Ecocenter “Sborka”, including its environmental museum where various types of plastic, glass, metal were exhibited, and took part in a recycling master class. The participants of the tour received the opportunity to be engaged in sorting of garbage and helped to sort out the garbage delivered to the Ecocenter from various events.

During the scientific seminar "Technologies in Ecology" on 21 April 2021, the participants were assigned to choose an alternative energy source and conduct research – determine its advantages and disadvantages, possibilities of using it in our country, and its economic feasibility.

On 23 April 2021, the EcoCity quiz was held offsite and onsite. The participants were asked to answer 30 questions related to sustainable development, geography, environmental management, environmental protection and conservation. In addition, rapid-fire questions in the fields of geography, environmental legislation and international conventions were asked to check the general knowledge of the participants.

From 19 April to 19 May 2021, the 3d media contest "EcoVzglyad – 2021" was held to promote ecology as a science and to draw attention of young people to the environmental issues in the city.

As part of the festival, a separate garbage collection campaign "EcoDvor" was organized. In total, 121.5 kg of recyclable materials were collected, including waste paper; PET plastic and other types of plastic, glass, caps, metal, batteries, electrical devices, TetraPark packages, and other rare recyclable materials such as toothbrushes, pens, pill blisters and checks. The garbage collection was organized by the Ecocenter “Sborka”.