Gubkin University faculty and staff members met together as part of the corporate initiative "Gubkin University Development Strategy up to 2024"

On 8-13 October 2019, a corporate offsite meeting titled “Gubkin University Development Strategy up to 2024” was held in Zhemchuzhina Training and Health Center in Alushta, the Republic of Crimea. Over 100 Gubkin University faculty and staff members participated in intellectual events and designed team projects for the development of the University for years to come.

The program of the event included master classes, educational and strategic lectures and the meeting with the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov.

A series of events were opened by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Vladimir Koshelev, who emphasized the importance of such format of interaction in preparing the faculty and staff members for the achievement of the University objectives. The Head of the Department for Strategic Development Pavel Kalashnikov and the Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Integration Dmitry Zhedyaevsky organized an orientation session on key challenges of the University strategy.

During the teamwork, the participants developed drafts of the roadmaps in the following areas of the University growth: education, science, communications, analytics, and infrastructure.

For effective interaction within the groups, the participants had a team building training “Building a Tower” delivered by the Head of the Department of Youth Projects and Initiatives Anton Tumanov and the Business Coach of the International Business School at Gubkin Univerity Artyom Stupak.

The lectures “New Global Challenges: Energy and Education” delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of International Energy Business Elena Telegina and “Challenges of the Education System, Key Required Competencies and Ways of Training Specialists” delivered by the Vice-Rector for Continuing Professional Education Nikita Golunov became of special interest among the participants.

During the event, training lectures and master classes on such topics as “The life cycle of an innovative product”, “Determining the cost of scientific research” and “Participating in competitions for scientific grants” delivered by Dmitry Zhedyaevsky, “How to publish an article on Web of Science/ Scopus” delivered by Anna Stavitskaya, and “Emotional Intelligence” delivered by Artyom Stupak were also held.

As part of the event, the participants carried out very intense and productive work on the development of projects in accordance with the strategic development program of the University, which they later presented to a group of experts chaired by the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov. In addition, the participants developed proposals for implementing the University development program and securing the status of a leading oil and gas university. Over the next 5 years, the University should continue its development as a national research university, take leading positions in global and subject rankings, and keep the image of a key industry university among the leading Russian oil and gas companies.

In his message, after the defense of the projects, Viktor Martynov noted that “it is the right moment to demonstrate leadership qualities and put forward initiatives, useful for the entire University. Many projects will be implemented in the nearest future in the format of working groups”.