Gubkin University published a book "The Magic Light of a Kerosene Lamp"

In December 2020, a new book "The Magic Light of a Kerosene Lamp" was published under the editorship of Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University. Professor Mikhail Silin, Head of the Department of Technology of Chemicals for Oil and Gas Industry, Mr. Igor Tatur, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Lubricants and Chemometology, and Mr. Alex Tatur worked on the book.

The book reflects the history of artificial lighting from ancient times to mid-XIX century. It presents the materials on the production of kerosene as a source of lightning. The book gives an overview of the design features of kerosene lamps and their main manufacturers in Russia and abroad. The publication is illustrated with the images of kerosene lamps from various collections. The book is addressed to specialists of the Russian oil and gas industry, faculty members and students of oil universities.

The publication of the book "The Magic Light of a Kerosene Lamp" is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Moscow Oil Institute and is a gift to the anniversary of Gubkin University.

The book "The Magic Light of a Kerosene Lamp" is available in Russian.