General Director of Zarubezhneft delivered a lecture at Gubkin University

On 19 May 2021, within the framework of the project “Generation Z Competencies: Career Builder", Mr. Sergey Kudryashov, General Director of JSC Zarubezhneft, delivered a lecture “Strategies of oil and gas companies in a changing world” at Gubkin University.

In his lecture, Mr. Sergey Kudryashov presented an overview of modern global and industry trends in the development of energy markets and spoke about strategies of oil companies in the context of changing external environment, including the example of the development strategy of JSC Zarubezhneft.

The lecture was held within the framework of the project “Generation Z Competencies: Career Builder" aimed to develop leadership skills and creative abilities in a new format of interaction between students, faculty members, and representatives of businesses and government authorities. The project program was designed with the help of Russian and international experts. It covers a wide range of subject areas, which are not included in the standard university curriculum.

As part of the event, 19 Master’s degree students of Gubkin University were awarded for completion of the course “Methods of enhanced oil recovery” at the School of Oil Engineering organized by JSC Zarubezhneft. After the lecture, students asked Mr. Sergey Kudryashov questions about opportunities for practical training, internships and further employment.

Gubkin University and JSC Zarubezhneft have strong partnership relations. On the basis of Gubkin University, the company conducts research and development activities, supports student scientific initiatives, implements a set of measures to assist talented university graduates to find employment at JSC Zarubezhneft, including its international projects.