A series of trainings for Moscow school teachers were organized by Gubkin University faculty members

From 20 February to 24 March 2023, faculty members of the Department of Philosophy, Social and Political Technologies and the Department of Automated Control Systems of Gubkin University organized a series of trainings for teachers of Moscow schools. The trainings were held within the project “The system of professional training of educational personnel in preparation for the Year of Teacher and Mentor – 2023. The architecture of general competencies of pedagogical and managerial specialists.”

The program included educational and cultural events for managers and educational personnel conducted with elements of training and reflection. A series of trainings covered the areas of sociology, philosophy, psychology, history and cultural studies, and aimed at raising the level of knowledge and developing the competencies of teachers of general and vocational education for the work with young people.

More than 200 teachers representing institutions of general and vocational education attended the trainings. During the trainings, among other tasks the participants were offered to solve cases, which can be applied in their daily work with students.