Congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers!

The Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers is a special day for everyone who have committed themselves to such challenging professions as geologists, drilling technicians, developers, construction workers, transport workers, technologists and many others related to the oil and gas industry.

Gubkin University, named after the Academician Ivan Gubkin, trains specialists for the oil and gas industry, actively develops, stays among the leaders in research and educational activities in Russian and world rankings. Under these circumstances, the importance of the professional effort of the academic community in training new generations of oil and gas industry specialists increases.

Dear Colleagues! Accept the warmest congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers! I wish success and creative breakthroughs to the entire community of the faculty, researchers and the university personnel who daily work to the benefit of the University, ensuring sustainable development of our country!

I wish you always stay positive and motivated, demanding to yourself and your work, successfully overcome difficulties and achieve high quality results in science and teaching, support your colleagues, family and the whole country!

I wish you good health, creative spirit and wellbeing!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University