Gubkin University teams “Scarlet Roses”, “Step Dance” and “Ablaze crew” became prize- winners at Moscow Championship 2022

On 27 February 2022, the traditional championship in fitness aerobics was held in Moscow. Gubkin University teams "Scarlet Roses" and "Step Dance" became golden medalists in fitness aerobics, and "Ablaze crew" was second in hip-hop.

Gubkin University teams "Scarlet Roses" and "Step Dance" received the title of winners and champions of Moscow Championship 2022 Both teams are trained by Mr. Alexander Shimonin and Ms. Svetlana Kramina from the Department of Physical Education and Sports at Gubkin University. “Scarlet Roses" and "Step Dance have become champions in fitness aerobics and step aerobics in Russia for many years.

Trained by Mr. Alexei Golosov, Gubkin University team "Ablaze crew" became a silver medalist in hip-hop at Moscow Championship 2022.