Gubkin University is among the top Russian universities selected for a grant from the Priority 2030 Program

On 27 September 2021, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation announced the results of the Priority 2030 Program. Gubkin University is among the top Russian universities that will receive a grant in the amount of 100 million rubles.

Priority 2030 is a strategic academic leadership program aimed at supporting universities. Its mission is to ensure that Russia has 100+ advanced, modern universities by 2030 that will become centers of the country’s scientific, technological and socio-economic development. The new program took over from Project 5-100 which was designed to increase the academic excellence of Russian universities on a global scale (ended in 2020).

The list of winners for the Priority 2030 Program published by the Ministry includes 106 universities from 49 cities of the Russian Federation. The financial support includes an annual base grant of over 100 million rubles for each university, as well as extra funding that will be reviewed by the committee within a separate competition.