Star Start

The Star Start is a project of Gubkin University aimed at involvement of students in research, social and cultural, sports activities.

The project objectives are:

  • to create conditions for development of research, sports, social and cultural activities at the University;
  • to develop an effective motivation tool in order to encourage student activity;
  • to attract students’ attention to active work;
  • to determine best students of the University for rewarding.

The project is held in two stages: selection of best students of the University and official award ceremony called the Star of Gubkin University.

Within the framework of the project, nominees among full-time undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students are considered by the selection committee from September to November. Participants should have significant success in one or several of the following activity areas:

  • academic (to be a winner of various competitions, and have an average score of 5.0);
  • research (to participate in research conferences, have publications, patents etc.);
  • sports (to have a sports category, significant success in participation for the University team);
  • cultural (to be a winner of various cultural competitions, engage in extensive cultural work at the University);
  • social (to be experienced in organizational work at the University, represent the University in various public forums and conferences).

At the official ceremony, project participants are given corporate awards – Stars of Gubkin University. There are 3 types of awards – Gold Star of Gubkin University, Silver Star of Gubkin University and Star of Gubkin University. The number of awards given annually is limited. Parents of outstanding participating students receive letters of gratitude.

The project is aimed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • to establish the database of best University students and share it with the leading oil and gas companies;
  • to develop an effective tool for motivation and encouragement of students;
  • to increase the number of students involved in active life of the University;
  • to enhance prestige of the University.