Offsite Studies in Zaluchye

The offsite studies in Zaluchye are traditional activities for Gubkin University students representing student organizations. The offsite studies take place annually at the beginning of a spring semester at Zaluchye training base in Tver Oblast of Russia.

The aim of the event is to involve students in social life of the University, develop their personal qualities, enable them to present and implement their projects as well as raise pressing issues that require the University management intervention. The offsite school contributes to student solidarity within student organizations and faculties which foster the productivity growth of student extracurricular activities.

The first day in Zaluchye usually begins with a traditional opening of the offsite studies which every year has its unique topic. In the morning school participants make physical exercises that inspire them for work during the whole day. The offsite studies include academic events, trainings on development of personal qualities, discussions of issues related to student self-government. Sports competitions are among the main activities during the studies contributing to development of team building skills. An integral part of studies is round tables on various issue areas. During private sessions and in face-to-face communication, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss problems and suggest ways of solutions.

Despite busy schedule during the second day of studies, every team prepares performance for the evening event and a video on a given topic. In addition, students participate in an improvisation contest which is organized every year in a new format.

The third day of studies begins with a dance battle between the teams. It is usually distinguished by persistent preparations for projects defense. Consultations with experts and various trainings helping participants to build knowledgeable presentation are held. The defense of projects is the culmination point of the offsite studies, since all students are given a chance to present their ideas to the University leadership, many of these ideas are implemented in the future. The key moment is the meeting of students with the Rector of the University. One of the most exciting events of the offsite studies is the final role-playing game. The third day ends with a wrap-up, official closing of studies and a traditional photo session of all school participants.

Zaluchye is a treasured place where every Gubkin University student wants to come back again!