The Day of Knowledge was held at Gubkin University

On 1 September 2023, the Day of Knowledge was held at Gubkin University which was traditionally organized in the Palace of Culture «Gubkinets». This year a record number of freshmen – more than 3,500 applicants – have been enrolled at Gubkin University.

On the occasion of the Day of Knowledge, Professor Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University, congratulated students and faculty and staff members noting that oil and gas specialists are responsible for supplying the country with raw materials and resources, and Gubkin University, as the leading industry higher education institution in the Russian Federation, provides the state with personnel by training highly qualified specialists. In addition, Professor Martynov emphasized that the University’s contribution is not limited to knowledge transfer only but to the multifaceted development of the personality of every student.

“You will have an opportunity to live your student years at Gubkin University in a rich and interesting way. I congratulate you on the Day of Knowledge, wish you good health and all the best!” said Viktor Martynov.

Representatives of oil and gas companies and government agencies of the Russian Federation came to congratulate the newly admitted students, faculty and staff members.

The first lecture “The struggle for a worldview in the modern society” was given by Mr. Andrey Dushin, Head of the Department of Geopolitics and Sustainable Development at Gubkin University, who spoke about the perception and dissemination of information in the modern world, the development of critical thinking in the context of a rapidly changing news flow, as well as the preservation of traditional values of the Russian society.

The celebrating event was closed with a bright show and a concert prepared by student performance groups.

As a result of the Admission Campaign 2023, 2,492 applicants have become first-year students, of whom 19 are foreign citizens. This year, 1,147 applicants have been enrolled in Master's program, including 23 from among foreign applicants.