Gubkin University Tourist Club went on a hike to the Crimea

A team of activists from Gubkin University Tourist Club, consisting of 10 students, went on a hike to the Crimea as part of the project “Crimea – Peninsula of Treasures”.

The route included the places of military operations during the Great Patriotic War. Gubkin University tourists descended caves where military hospitals and staffs were located. During stopovers, they listened to stories about great deeds and the true heroism of the Crimean partisans.

The hike was organized within the project “Crimea – Peninsula of Treasures” implemented by Gazprom Dobycha Yamburg with the support of the Trade Union of Gazprom. The author of the campaign is Pavel Nefyodov.

The Tourist Club at Gubkin University was established in 2014. For this period, activists have managed to organize and participate in self-contained trips to Western Caucasus and the Kola Peninsula, the Crimea, various weekend hiking in the Moscow region, training camps in Zaluchye, as well as many competitions, races and tourist gatherings. The Tourist Club is aimed to promote and develop tourism, healthy lifestyle, active recreation, physical and athletic improvement, personal enrichment among its members through mass tourism events, competitions and gatherings; assist in development of new geological routes for field geological training.