Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge from the Rector of Gubkin University

Dear students and faculty members!

On September 1, our country celebrates one of the most joyful events – the Day of Knowledge. Traditionally, this day symbolizes the start of new opportunities, scientific discoveries and personal achievements.

Today, first-year students become part of a large Gubkin University family! All of you - freshmen, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students of Gubkin University will daily acquire knowledge from the most talented faculty members in the field of the oil and gas sector, doctors and candidates of sciences with experience in leading companies of the country.

You have chosen a noble and important profession of an oil and gas specialist, which requires full dedication, responsibility and constant improvement. I am sure that many of you, having become graduates, will achieve significant heights in your area of study and build a successful career.

I also extend my best wishes to the faculty and staff of Gubkin University!

I wish all of you to be successful, healthy and strong in the new academic year!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University