Gubkin University representatives became the co-authors of the publication «Atlas of Gas»

On 25-27 April 2023, Gubkin University faculty members participated in the National Oil and Gas Forum within the XXII International Exhibition of Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Complex «Neftegaz-2023» held in Moscow, Russia. At the Forum, the scientific and educational publication «Atlas of Gas» was presented by the budgetary institution of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra «Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas».

Gubkin University faculty members – Professor Vladimir Koshelev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and Ms. Natalya Efimochkina, Director of Museum Complex of Gubkin University, – became the co-authors of Atlas of Gas.

In 2021, the Museum of Geology, Oil and Gas initiated the project «Atlas of Oil. Essays on the Oil and Gas History of Russia» dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian oil industry, which opened the Oil and Gas History series. In 2023, the second volume of the series – Atlas of Gas – was released. The second volume is focused on the phenomenon of gas as part of a single international cultural and industrial landscape. It differs from similar ones with its approach – the publication is based on museum items, information about which was collected for a whole year by a group of authors representing 75 partners from 26 regions of Russia and a number of foreign countries, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Atlas of Gas was published with the support of the All-Russian Trade Union of Oil and Gas Industry and Construction Workers and the Russian Gas Society.