Gubkin University faculty and students participated in the International Chinese-Russian Symposium “New Materials and Technologies”

On 5-14 November 2023, the XVI International Chinese-Russian Symposium “New Materials and Technologies” was held in Haikou, China.

The symposium intended to strengthen bilateral scientific and technical cooperation between two countries in the fields of developing new materials and technologies, increasing information exchange and promoting achievements in materials science and interdisciplinary research.

The event program included plenary sessions, poster presentations, a round table of young scientists, an in-person stage of the competition of scientific papers of young scientists, a round table in Beijing and a visit to technology parks in Hebei province. The symposium brought together more than 300 participants from Russia and China.

The delegation from Gubkin University was headed by Mr. Alexander Prygaev, Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Head of the Department of Metal Science and Nonmetallic Materials.

At the symposium, Gubkin University scientists presented four poster presentations on research aimed at processing metal materials to improve and control their mechanical and technological properties.