Congratulations on the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers!

Dear Colleagues!

Since 1980 every first Sunday in September, we have been celebrating the Day of Oil and Gas Industry Workers.

Today, the contribution of the oil and gas industry to the development and power of Russia can hardly be overestimated. Continuous work, the results of which we use everywhere, goes on a daily basis in the fields, scientific laboratories and institutes. This is the merit of our brave oil and gas workers, all those involved in the country's energy industry.

Throughout its history, the oil and gas university bears the name of an outstanding scientist – Academician Ivan Gubkin providing training in the oil and gas field, developing actively and staying among the leaders in Russian rankings for the good of the country. Under these circumstances, the importance of the professional effort of the University’s scientific and pedagogical community grows in training new generations of oil and gas workers.

High-level engineers graduating from Gubkin University are the result of our scientific and pedagogical school, which introduces modern digital technologies and invites experienced specialists to improve the learning process.

I wish you to remain always positive and goal-oriented, demanding of yourself and your work, successfully overcome difficulties, achieve high results in science and teaching, support your colleagues, family and the whole country!

Viktor Martynov
Rector of Gubkin University