Gubkin University team won gold medals in fitness aerobics

Gubkin University team – the Russian team Scarlet Roses – became gold medalists at International World Fitness Championships 2016. The team is trained by masters of sport Alexander Shimonin and Svetlana Kramina working for the Chair of Physical Education and Sports at Gubkin University.

The World Fitness Championships was held in Vienna-Schwechat, Austria from 18th till 22nd of October. After becoming the winners at the National Championships, the Russian team (Gubkin University team) earned the right to represent our country at the world tournament.

The Championships was attended by 1,400 athletes from 15 countries, including Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, and Switzerland.

The Russian team comprised of 280 participants, including members from 33 teams, coaches, referees and officials from 16 Russian cities. The Championships have become the most successful and productive for the Russian team in its whole history of participation in international competitions.

"This is the ultimate and flawless victory. We are very pleased and proud of the girls who honorably represented Gubkin University and the Russian national team at the world level. We are very grateful to the University leadership for the assistance in preparing to the Championships. We plan to move forward, develop and keep the status of the fittest athletes in the world in the aerobics category" – shared his impressions the team coach Alexander Shimonin.

The team Scarlet Roses has become champions of Europe many times and has a full set of medals of different value earned at European Championships, as well as silver and bronze medals earned at the World Championships. For 15 years the team honed skills and worked hard to improve the performance of the program and get the gold medal of the World Championship.

"In educating young people, Gubkin University focuses on a healthy lifestyle of students: there are different sports groups, a sports club, a tourist club, sport competitions are held regularly. We provide students with broad opportunities for intense extracurricular activities that enable them to demonstrate their talents and develop personal qualities during their studies at the University. The aerobics school and team at Gubkin University has been the basis for the Russian national team for a long time already. This year our girls overextended themselves and proved to be the strongest" – commented the Vice-Rector for Educational Work of Gubkin University Marina Filatova.