Faculty of Research and Academic Personnel and High Qualification Personnel

General information

The main goal of the Faculty is to improve the academic level, research and pedagogical qualifications of individuals with higher professional education and those with a doctoral degree.

The Faculty offers the following training opportunities for research and academic personnel and high qualification personnel:

  • full-time and part-time postgraduate studies (toward candidate of sciences designation),
  • doctoral studies (toward doctor of sciences designation),
  • training of candidates for a degree without taking postgraduate studies.

Currently, the Faculty trains more than 400 postgraduate students from Russia and many foreign countries, more than 100 individuals are registered at the Faculty and prepare their PhD thesis without taking postgraduate training, and up to 10 students prepare their PhD thesis within doctoral studies programs.

The Faculty offers 44 PhD programs in 16 areas of study and 9 sciences.

Organizational structure

The Faculty operates under the guidance of the Rector of the University and the Vice-Rector for Research in close cooperation with the Vice-Rector for Academic Work, the Academic and Methodological Office, deans of specialized faculties, departments that offer postgraduate training programs and dissertational councils.

The Academic Council of the Faculty deals with the concept-based issues related to improvement of the training system of research and academic personnel and high qualification personnel at the University. Implementation of decisions made by the Academic Council of the University and the Academic Council of the Faculty and decisions on operational matters are carried out by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty.

Projects, initiatives, events

The Faculty has carried out enormous work aimed to develop a list of disciplines for natural, mathematical, legal training of graduate students as well as disciplines helpful to successful training and defense of a thesis. As a result, a list of disciplines, which are offered at option for all postgraduate students as major or elective, has been developed.

An important stage in improving the conditions for training of postgraduate students was the establishment in 2012 of a scientific session for postgraduate students aimed to improve the effectiveness of postgraduate work, engage academic councils from specialized faculties in training of postgraduate students, and improve exchange of scientific information between postgraduate students from various departments and faculties.

Facts from history

The Faculty was established in 2002 on the basis of the Postgraduate Office which had been operating at the University since 1930, and was titled the Faculty of Postgraduate Education until 2016.

After the reorganization in spring 2016, the Faculty received the title of the Faculty of Research and Academic Personnel and High Qualification Personnel.

Acting Dean

Maxim Giruts, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor


Postal address: 119991, Moscow, 65 Leninsky Prospekt, Building 2, Room 1118
Phone: +7 (499) 507-81-45
E-mail: fnpk@gubkin.ru