Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

General information

Geology (from Greek gē- "earth" and -logia "study of, discourse") is a science about the Earth. It studies the structure, composition, history of the Earth development and the processes taking place in its depths and on the surface. Modern geology applies the latest achievements and methods in a number of natural sciences, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and geography. Significant progress in these science areas and geology has been marked by the development of border sciences about the Earth, including geophysics. Geophysics is a science that studies physical phenomena and processes taking place in the Earth's shells.

Geologists and geophysicists are specialists who draw conclusions based on a limited set of collected data about the Earth's interior, its remote past when the layers of the Earth materials that presently sit at a depth of several kilometers were just shaped. Geologists and geophysicists tell us where to search for fossil fuel deposits and what are the features of their structure.

Oil and gas reserves require continual recording and assessment, while developed fields as dynamic natural systems require constant monitoring. Rational development and extraction of natural resources without negative environmental impact need to be ensured. This kind of work is very multifaceted, and demands achievement of high forecast accuracy that becomes possible by virtue of using modern equipment and computer modeling.

Career opportunities

All areas of study offered by the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics are prestigious, interesting and in demand by the industry and research organizations. The University diploma opens access to leading oil and gas companies in Russia and worldwide. Geologists and geophysicists solve a wide range of problems in various areas related to engineering surveying in construction, prospecting and exploration of minerals, research activity in scientific organizations.

Areas of study and main disciplines

At the Faculty students study basic technical, specialized geological disciplines, computer technologies, principles of industry engineering, a foreign language and mineral law.

Studying geological sciences, students master methods, technologies and technical means for forecasting, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits. Students receive theoretical knowledge and acquire practical skills in geological surveying, basin modeling, remote and geochemical studying of the Earth's crust. They study in detail the oil and gas bearing reservoirs, geological modeling of oil and gas deposits, methods of oil and gas reserves estimation, oil and gas hydrogeology and geological monitoring, and oil and gas reservoir management.

At the Faculty students study the structure of mineral resources by applying modern computer technologies and mathematical methods in processing and interpreting geophysical data, obtaining necessary knowledge in the field of seismic measurements and its integration with other methods. In addition, students are taught geophysical methods of well surveying, studying petrophysical rock properties, evaluating the quality of drilling, well construction and oil and gas volumetric calculations with the help of geophysical technologies.

This theoretical background, skills and abilities become useful as they help future geologists and geophysicists solve relevant geological problems faced by the industry for further increase of the national energy balance.

Projects, initiatives, events

For many years, the geological study group named "Petrograph" has been working at the Faculty. During non-study time students have a chance to go for fascinating geological trips across the whole territory of Russia and solidify gained knowledge in an informal setting.

Facts from history

The Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics was established on 1 May 1930, at the same time with Moscow Oil Institute by Academician Ivan Gubkin. From the date of establishment a number of schools, launched by the outstanding University scientists, have been working successfully at the Faculty, and handed down achievements and traditions of the founders. The Department carefully keeps up and develops the traditions laid down by Ivan Gubkin and the founders of research and academic schools.

Departments and units

  • Department of Petroleum Prospecting and Exploration
  • Department of General and Petroleum Field Geology
  • Department of Geophysical Information Systems
  • Department of Exploration Geophysics and Computer Systems
  • Department of Geoecology
  • Department of Lithology
  • Specialized Department of Geology of Hydrocarbon Systems
  • Research and Academic Center "Space Technologies in the Russian Oil and Gas Complex"
  • Specialized Department of Hydrocarbon Reservoir Modeling
  • Specialized Department of Geology and Geochemistry of Sedimentary Basins


Olga Postnikova, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor


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