Faculty оf Mechanical Engineering

General information

Mechanical engineers are specialists who have an array of knowledge enabling them to freely navigate in a variety of modern machines, equipment and technologies used in the oil and gas sector. They learn the methods of calculation and equipment design as well as advanced computer software systems. Mechanical engineers are engaged in design and operation of oil and gas equipment, certification of products and technologies, life safety in oil and gas facilities, and risk management in production.

Career opportunities

Graduates from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are the designers of the most advanced equipment and technology for the oil and gas industry. They are in demand in the fuel and energy sector in Russia and worldwide.

University graduates with mechanical engineering background are invited by design bureaus, different laboratories at research institutes, plant units, oil and gas fields in various industrial and financial companies, large cities and in the High North, on land and sea.

Areas of study and main disciplines

The Faculty provides training in 4 Bachelor's and 3 Master’s degree programs. General engineering training is based on such disciplines as theoretical mechanics, resistance of materials, material science, machinery parts, metrology and others. Professional training is conducted at key departments of the Faculty in accordance with the Bachelor's and Master's degree curriculum. The knowledge gained allows students to be guided freely in a variety of modern machines and equipment used in oil and gas industry and in other fuel and energy complex sectors, design and manufacturing technologies, including those with advanced computer software applications.

Projects, initiatives, events

The Faculty has established the training ground with oil and gas equipment which is located on the territory of the University. The training ground enables to solve many practical issues in training of specialists at different levels. A major role in training undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students is played by the Interdepartmental Center for Research of New Materials for Fuel and Energy Complex Facilities equipped with modern equipment within the framework of the University development program as a national research institution.

Facts from history

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering as a separate structural unit dates back to September 1, 1943, when the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering was established at Gubkin Moscow Oil Institute. The first areas of study at the Faculty included Oil-refining equipment and facilities, Oilfield machines and mechanisms, Technology of oil engineering.

Departments and units

  • Department of Machinery and Equipment for Oil and Gas Industry
  • Department of Oil Refining and Gas Processing Equipment
  • Department of Automation of Oil and Gas Industry Facilities Design
  • Department of Computer Aided Design of Oil and Gas Industry Facilities
  • Department of Tribology and Repair Technology of Oil and Gas Equipment
  • Department of Welding and Monitoring of Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Department of Robotics and Engineering Mechanics
  • Department of Standardization, Certification and Quality Management of Oil and Gas Equipment Manufacturing
  • Department of Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection
  • Department of Metal Science and Nonmetallic Materials
  • Department of Theoretical Mechanics
  • Department of Technical Mechanics
  • Specialized Department of Oil and Gas Processing Equipment
  • International Academic and Research Center "ANTIKOR"
  • Interdepartmental Center for Research of New Materials for Fuel and Energy Complex Facilities


Alexander Prygaev, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor


Postal address: 119991, Moscow, 65 Leninsky Prospekt, Building 1, Room 709
Phone: +7 (499) 507-89-08
E-mail: fim@gubkin.ru