Faculty of Law

General information

Under conditions of increase in the number of contractual relationship in business environment, development of foreign economic ties, building of a rule-of-law state and formation of civil society, the importance of legal profession becomes much-in-demand.

Graduates of the Faculty of Law are familiar with specifics of contractual relationship at oil and gas enterprises and organizations, financial, banking and tax legislation, are competent in protecting property rights and interests of enterprises in the arbitration process, and understand the subtleties of copyright and patent law.

Career opportunities

The Faculty offers training in accordance with the requirements of the Russian National Standard which means the possibility for graduates to obtain any employment that requires legal education such as a lawyer, a notary, a judge, and to hold a public and managerial position. Industry specialization gives the competitive edge to a lawyer as compared to a general lawyer.

Areas of study and main disciplines

Bachelor's students are trained in such areas of professional activity as law-enforcement, regulatory practice, expertise, advisory service and academics. They learn to draft legal documents, give advice on legal issues, carry out legal expertise of documents, justify and make legal decisions, participate in preparation of laws and regulations, maintain law and order identifying and suppressing breaches. In addition, Bachelor's degree obtained at Gubkin University enables graduates to teach legal disciplines in academic institutions.

Master's students further master such professional activities as lawmaking, law-enforcement, organization and administration, research and development. They are capable to carry out organizational and managerial functions as well as conduct research on legal issues.

All students are trained by 60 highly-qualified faculty members – doctors and candidates of law, including those holding the honorary title of Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation as well as competent lawyers-practitioners from government agencies and legal departments of various companies.

Projects, initiatives, events

Students have a unique opportunity to attend legal lectures in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, given by well-known statesmen, heads of state departments and legal companies.

The Faculty offers training in Jurisprudence for those who have first non-legal higher education. Senior students of the Faculty of Law are offered to receive second higher education in economics.

Within the framework of the inter-university agreement, based on the contract with the International Center of Lomonosov Moscow State University for training of lawyers in Geneva, Switzerland, current students are offered to obtain a dual degree in law.

Facts from history

Training in law at Gubkin University has been offered for 25 years, since 8 October 1991, when the training of students in jurisprudence began.

The first 35 students of the Academy began to master the profession of a lawyer at the Faculty of Economics and Management which was later reorganized into the Faculty of Economics, Management and Law.

On June 2, 1992 in accordance with the decision of the Academic Council of the University and the order of the Rector, the Department of Law was established and in 1996 the first law students were graduated.

In 2012, the quality of education at the Faculty of Law has been acknowledged by the Certificate of Public Accreditation of the Association of Russian Lawyers and the Certificate of the Moscow Law Club.

The Faculty of Law at Gubkin University consistently holds high positions in university rankings; its graduates become heads of legal departments and partners in leading companies.

Departments and units

  • Department of Theory and History of State and Law
  • Department of Civil Law Disciplines
  • Department of Civil Practice and Social Branches of Law
  • Department of Mining, Land and Environmental Law
  • Department of Information, Energy Law and Criminal Law Disciplines
  • Department of Criminal Law and Criminology


Sergey Rozhnov, Doctor of Law, Professor


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