Academic Council

The Academic Council of Gubkin University is the collegial body which is in charge of the overall University management.

The Academic Council consists of the Rector of the University, the Vice-rectors, as well as by the decision of the Academic Council – directors of institutes, deans of faculties. Other members of the Academic Council are elected by the Conference of the University staff and students by secret ballot.

The number of elected members of the Academic Council is determined by the Conference of the University staff and students.

The Chairman of the Academic Council is the Rector of the University.

The Academic Council has the authority:

  • to make decision to convene the Conference of the University staff and students;
  • to determine the prospects and directions for the University development, including academic and research activities;
  • to regulate the main issues related to the organization of educational process;
  • to review the plan of financial and economic activities and the University development program;
  • to adopt academic standards established by the University itself;
  • to hear the reports of the Rector evaluating the performance of the University team throughout a year;
  • to review and take decisions on academic, research and development, information, financial and economic activities of the University, as well as international cooperation;
  • to approve the work plans of the Academic Council;
  • to review candidates and nominate the University staff to conferment of academic titles;
  • to establish, reorganize and liquidate academic and research units of the University;
  • to approve the regulations of the academic and research units, departments and other structural divisions providing practical training for students;
  • to review reports made by heads of the University structural units;
  • to establish the Board of Trustees of the University, approve its structure and any changes related, and determine its procedures and regulations;
  • to make decision on issuing documents on education and qualification to individuals who successfully pass the State Final Examination;
  • to nominate the University staff and students to government awards and honorary titles;
  • to bestow the honorary titles of the University based on regulations approved by the Academic Council;
  • to approve the regulations on scholarships for the University students;
  • to take decisions on other issues within the competence of the Academic Council, in accordance with the Russian legislation, the University Charter and local regulatory acts of the University.