Bachelor's Programs

Gubkin University offers 29 Bachelor’s programs in 16 areas of study and 3 Specialist’s programs in 3 areas of study.

Prospective international students are eligible to apply to a Bachelor’s program at Gubkin University. Applicants are required to hold the Education Certificate that verifies Secondary School level.

Bachelor’s program duration at Gubkin University is four years. Specialist’s program duration is five or five and a half years.
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Bachelor's degree programs

Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

05.03.06 Ecology and natural resource management
05.03.01 Geology
  Geology of natural oil and gas reservoirs

Faculty of Oil and Gas Field Development

21.03.01 Petroleum engineering
  Drilling of oil and gas wells
  Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities
  Operation and maintenance of gas production facilities, gas condensate and underground storages

Faculty of Design, Construction and Exploitation of Pipeline Transport Systems

21.03.01 Petroleum engineering
  Construction and repair of pipeline transportation systems
  Operation and maintenance of facilities for transportation and storage of oil, gas and refined products

Faculty оf Mechanical Engineering

15.03.01 Mechanical engineering
  Equipment and technology to increase durability and restoration of machinery parts and devices
  Equipment and technology of welding production
15.03.02 Technological machines and equipment
  Oil and gas processing equipment
  Machinery and equipment for oil and gas fields
  Offshore oil and gas facilities
27.03.01 Standardization and metrology
  Standardization and certification in the oil and gas industry
20.03.01 Technosphere safety
  Safety of technological processes and production in oil and gas industry

Faculty of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

18.03.01 Chemical engineering
  Chemical technology of organic substances  
  Chemical technology of natural energy sources and carbon materials
  Chemical engineering of oil and gas
18.03.02 Energy and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemistry and biotechnology
  Ecology of oil and gas / Environmental protection and rational use of natural resources

Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering

12.03.01 Instrument engineering
  Data measurement systems and technologies
13.03.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering
  Electric drive and automation
27.03.04 Management in technical systems
  Systems and tools of technological process automation
09.03.01 Informatics and computer engineering
  Automated data processing and management systems
  Integrated automated information systems
01.03.04 Applied mathematics
  Mathematical modeling in engineering and economics

Faculty of Integrated Security of the Fuel and Energy Complex

10.03.01 Information security
Security of automated systems
38.03.01 Economics

Faculty of Economics and Management

38.03.01 Economics
  Economics of enterprises and organizations
38.03.02 Management
  Industrial management

Faculty of International Energy Business

38.03.01 Economics
  Global economics
38.03.02 Management
  Management of enterprises

Faculty of Law

40.03.01 Jurisprudence

Specialist's degree programs

Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics

21.05.02 Applied  geology: 5 years
21.05.03 Technologies of geological survey: 5 years
  Geophysical well logging
  Seismic survey

Faculty of Oil and Gas Field Development

21.05.05 Physical processes of mining or oil and gas production: 5.5 years
  Physical processes of oil and gas production
21.05.06 Oil and gas equipment and technologies: 5.5 years
  Oil and gas field development and operation

Faculty of Integrated Security of the Fuel and Energy Complex

10.05.04 Information and analytical security systems: 5.5 years
Technologies of information and analytical monitoring
38.05.01 Economic security: 5 years
Economic and legal support of economic security
40.05.01 Legal support of national security: 5 years