PhD Programs

Gubkin University offers 44 PhD programs in 16 areas of study.

Prospective international students are eligible to apply to a PhD program at Gubkin University. Applicants are required to hold a Master’s or Specialist’s degree diploma.

PhD program duration at Gubkin University is three or four years.
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The following PhD programs are offered by Gubkin University:

Code Area of study and program
01.06.01 Mathematics and mechanics: 4 years
01.02.05 Mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma
01.02.06 Dynamics and strength of machines, devices and equipment
03.06.01 Physics and astronomy: 4 years
01.04.14 Thermal physics and theoretical heat engineering
04.06.01 Chemical sciences: 4 years
02.00.03 Organic chemistry
02.00.11 Colloid chemistry
02.00.13 Petrochemistry
05.06.01 Earth sciences: 3 years
03.02.08 Ecology
25.00.06 Lithology
25.00.10 Geophysics, geophysical methods of mineral exploration
25.00.12 Geology, prospecting and exploration of oil and gas fields
25.00.36 Geoecology
09.06.01 Informatics and computer engineering: 4 years
05.13.01 System analysis, information management and processing
05.13.06 Automation and control of technological processes and manufactures
05.13.11 Mathematical support and software of computers, complexes and computer networks
05.13.12 Design automation systems
05.13.18 Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program systems
10.06.01 Information Security
13.06.01 Electrical and heat engineering: 4 years
05.09.03 Electrical complexes and systems
15.06.01 Mechanical engineering: 4 years
05.02.04 Friction and wear in machines
05.02.08 Mechanical engineering technology
05.02.10 Welding, related processes and technologies
05.02.13 Machines, units and processes
05.02.18 Theory of mechanisms and machines
18.06.01 Chemical engineering: 4 years
05.17.03 Technology of electrochemical processes and corrosion protection
05.17.07 Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances
05.17.08 Processes and devices of chemical technologies
20.06.01 Technosphere safety: 4 years
05.26.01 Labor safety
05.26.02 Emergency safety
05.26.03 Fire and industrial safety
21.06.01 Geology, exploration and development of mineral resources: 4 years
25.00.15 Technology of well drilling and completion
25.00.16 Mining and petroleum geology, geophysics, surveying and geometry of deposits
25.00.17 Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields
25.00.18 Technology of offshore field development
25.00.19 Construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines, terminals and storages
22.06.01 Materials technologies: 4 years
05.16.09 Material engineering
27.06.01 Management in technical systems: 4 years
05.02.23 Standardization and product quality control
05.11.16 Information measuring and control systems
38.06.01 Economics: 3 years
08.00.05 Economics and management of the national economy
08.00.10 Finance, monetary policy and credit operations
08.00.14 Global economics
39.06.01 Social sciences: 3 years
22.00.03 Economic sociology and demography
40.06.01 Jurisprudence: 3 years
12.00.05 Labor law; social security law
12.00.06 Land law; natural resources law; environmental law, agricultural law
12.00.08 Criminal law and criminology; criminal executive law
46.06.01 History and archeology: 3 years
07.00.10 History of science and technology