Rector’s Office

The sole executive body of the University is the Rector who is responsible for the ongoing administration of the University, including academic, research and educational work as well as organizational and operational activities.

The management of certain work areas of the University is carried out by Vice-Rectors. The allocation of duties between Vice-Rectors, their official powers and responsibilities are established by the order of the Rector. Vice-Rectors are responsible to the Rector of the University for the state of their mandated areas of work.

  • Viktor Martynov
    Viktor Martynov

    Rector of Gubkin University

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  • Mikhail Silin
    Mikhail Silin

    Vice-Rector for Innovation and Commercialization

  • Vladimir Koshelev
    Vladimir Koshelev

    Vice-Rector for Academic Work

  • Alexander Muradov
    Alexander Muradov

    Vice-Rector for Research

  • Marina Filatova
    Marina Filatova

    Vice-Rector for Education

  • Alexander Maksimenko
    Alexander Maksimenko

    Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Head of Tashkent Branch

  • Olga Mishina
    Olga Mishina

    Vice-Rector for Public Relations

  • Vladimir Kruglov
    Vladimir Kruglov

    Vice-Rector for Security

  • Alexander Lobusev
    Alexander Lobusev

    Vice-Rector for Research and Development of Technologies for the Resource Base in the Fuel and Energy Complex

  • Nikita Golunov
    Nikita Golunov

    Vice-Rector for Continuing Professional Education

  • Sergey Gorshenin
    Sergey Gorshenin

    Vice-Rector for Regional Development, Head of Orenburg Branch

  • Petr Anisimov
    Petr Anisimov

    Head of Campus Development and Management

  • Viktor Sheynbaum
    Viktor Sheynbaum

    Advisor to Rector

  • Anatoly Zolotukhin
    Anatoly Zolotukhin

    Advisor to Rector

  • Leonid Kolyadov
    Leonid Kolyadov

    Advisor to Rector