Gubkin University students spent winter holidays in Zaluchye

On 26 January – 9 February 2019, the 21st season of winter student recreation was organized at Zaluchye Academic and Industry Center. This year, the recreation and sports camp was held in two shifts and brought together 350 Gubkin University students.

In the first shift, activists from the Student Scientific Society, the Tourist Club and the national basketball and volleyball teams of the University became the guests of the Center. Athletes spent holidays skiing, skating, and visiting the Academic Dacha of I. Repin.

During the second shift, the 3d study season of the Union of Creative Students took place. Every evening the participants competed in creativity – “Mr and Miss Zaluchye”, “What? Where? When?”, “Guess the melody”. The national cheerleading and fitness aerobics teams of the University also joined the shift, and spent their time training and preparing for the upcoming competitions.

During the whole period, students were provided with facilities for training and recreation, including a sports complex, a club, a ski track, an ice-skating rink, and an ice slide.

“Zaluchye is a unique socio-cultural platform that gives students the opportunity to have a good rest, to network with peers, and, on the one hand, to accumulate and, on the other hand, to discover their creative, scientific and sports potential,” commented the Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sports at Gubkin University, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Maxim Kuzmin.