Tashkent branch of Gubkin University at the 23rd International Conference “Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan 2019”

For many years, the exhibition and conference “Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan” (OGU) has served as a platform for fruitful cooperation and discussions, where major oil and gas projects are being launched with the support of the Government of Uzbekistan.

“OGU 2019 opens a unique opportunity for future oil and gas industry specialists to present innovative developments and technologies to a wider audience of oil industry experts. Training a new generation of competent and competitive specialists for the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, considering the advanced international requirements, as well as formation, development and transfer of innovative knowledge and technologies in the oil and gas sector by ensuring high quality of the educational process, research and development, high-tech developments are the key objectives of Tashkent branch of Gubkin University. In addition, I would like to note the important place of the integration of the science of education and production in training highly qualified specialists. Today, we are proud to see among the participants of the exhibition and the conference the University graduates who successfully continue their professional activities in the oil and gas industry both in Uzbekistan and abroad,” said the Executive Director of Tashkent branch of Gubkin University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Abdulla Magrupov.

The Branch representatives took part in the conference, making presentations on various topics. To expand international cooperation following the event, the Branch signed Memoranda of Cooperation with such companies as Gazprom, Tatneft, Ufa training center “Bashneftekhim”, ERIELL GmbH group, Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd., LUKOIL in the areas of training highly qualified specialists for the oil and gas industry, applying information technologies in the educational process, exchanging experience and advanced training, organizing distance conferences and round tables.

Currently, much attention is paid to issues of youth policy. Tashkent branch of Gubkin University creates all the necessary conditions for opening abilities and talents of students, high intellectual culture, and a sense of uniqueness and importance, which are directly related to the idea of creative self-expression.

At the present stage of development of the oil and gas industry, there is a need to realize a powerful innovative potential which mainstreams the quality of oil and gas education and sets an objective of finding new conceptual approaches in educational practice, applying new technologies, methods, and solutions for optimizing the educational process which ensure the training of mobile and competitive specialists demanded in the labor market.