Gubkin University students made a study tour to Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery

On October 23, 2018 the first-year students of the Department of Modeling of Physical and Technological Field Development Process of the Faculty of Oil and Gas Field Development made a full-day study tour to Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery and Microanalysis Laboratory at Skolkovo. The tour was organized by the staff members of the Department with the support of the Director of Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery Mikhail Spasennykh and the Director of Microanalysis Laboratory at Skolkovo Vladimir Shklover.

Skoltech Center for Hydrocarbon Recovery (SCHR) has been created in December 2013. The main goal of SCHR is to provide world-class research, education and innovations in the area of exploration and production of unconventional and hard-to-recover hydrocarbons.

SCHR staff members demonstrated the laboratory equipment to Gubkin University students and told about the main areas of research activity, such as geomechanics, enhanced oil recovery methods, petrophysics, geochemistry and geophysics of unconventional reservoirs, gas hydrates and permafrost, hydrodynamic and geomechanical modeling, data mining. SCHR research efforts are mainly focused on development of new technological solutions for exploration and production of hydrocarbons at such geological objects as brown fields, tight oil, heavy oil, shale oil, oil fields in polar regions and Arctic shelf.

In the afternoon, the students went to Microanalysis Laboratory at Skolkovo which is considered to be one of the leading scientific and technical and engineering companies in Russia, as it is equipped with correlation systems for light, confocal, fluorescent, scanning electron, ionic, and transmission scanning microscopy, as well as high-resolution X-ray tomography and volumetric microscopy, photoelectronic and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, particle analysis, and element microanalysis.

Gubkin University students were presented the unique for the Russian market Digital Core Sample technologies which enable scientists to study the properties of various types of rocks, model fluid motion in a sample, research the electrical and mechanical characteristics of the rock, and obtain information on the mineral composition of the core sample and texture on a micron and submicron scale.

Such study tours offer opportunities for students to be aware of the main trends in the development of the fuel and energy complex and to be directly involved in solving the issues faced by the industry in the coming future.