Gubkin University students made a geological trip to the Crimea

On 2-8 February 2019, Gubkin University students made a geological trip to the Crimea.

The purpose of the trip was to follow geological routes, to document and collect samples for further research work conducted by the members of the Petrograf 2.0. Club.

The students independently prepared four routes, during which they visited the existing quarries for the development of construction shell deposit, the Kamysh-Burun deposit of the Kerch Iron-ore Basin, the Novoselovsky mud volcano and the outcropping of the upper cretaceous deposits of the Crimean Peninsula.

During the trip, Gubkin University students strengthened their theoretical knowledge in the field of geology, gained practical experience in preparing and conducting field geological routes, collected a large amount of stone material and had the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of the Crimean Peninsula.

The group was supervised by the Deputy Dean for Academic Work of the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics Ilnar Khasanov and the Chief specialist of the Department of Geological Exploration at Rospan International Artem Musikhin.

The trip was supported by Gubkin University management, the Faculty of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, the Department of Lithology, and staff members of Zhemchuzhina Training and Health Center.