The Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni celebrates 17th anniversary

On November 20, 2017 the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni celebrates 17th anniversary.

In 2000, the initiators of the establishment and the founders of the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni became the graduates of Gubkin University – Ivan Matlashov, Oleg Gordeev, Viktor Sheinbaum, Sergei Viryaskin, Leonid Kolyadov, Yury Vyakhirev.

Over the years the Foundation:

  • contributed over 98 million rubles to support the University;
  • implemented the project for building up a monument to the founder of the University, academician Ivan Gubkin;
  • provided financial support in the form of grants to 184 faculty members, and in the form of scholarships to 112 students;
  • awarded 30 graduates with the Badge of the Honorary Graduate of Gubkin University;
  • organized and hosted 13 football tournaments for the holder of Gubkin University Cup among the corporate teams representing the fuel and energy complex and 9 New Year charity events;
  • launched 2 sports grounds on the University campus,
  • provided financial support to the Palace of Culture "Gubkinets", Gubkinets Health and Sports Base, Zaluchye Academic and Industry Center;
  • supported various initiatives of the University leadership and students.

The support provided by Gubkin University alumni, philanthropists of Gubkin University, and consistent strategy worked out by the University leadership enable Gubkin University to carry out the mission of the basic university of the fuel energy complex in Russia following all requirements to the higher oil and gas education at the level of world standards.