Gubkin University: 2019 year in review

Throughout the history, Gubkin University is aimed at its development and leading positions among educational and research institutions. Due to this ambitious goal, in 2019 the University has implemented various initiatives and projects, searched for innovative solutions and embodied fresh ideas into action.

While approaching the end of 2019, the University progress was reviewed within the framework of the project “The Year in Review”, which was originally initiated by the Public Relations Office in 2017. This year the new online format of the project was developed and presented by the Office of Internet Information Resources of Gubkin University.

The key achievements, including Gubkin University in Russian and international rankings, state awards received by the University faculty members, major research projects and their outcomes, achievements of the University students, the University infrastructure development, as well as the outstanding personalities of Gubkin University such as the best University scientists in 2019, the best faculty members based on student survey results and many others were presented in 2019 year review. For more details please follow the link.