Congratulations on the New Year from the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov

Dear faculty and staff members, dear students! Happy New Year 2020!

In 2019, we proved that we are capable to solve confidently and productively any tasks and face any challenges posed by external difficulties and uncertainties. Our friendly team maintains the high quality of education and remains optimistic even in the most difficult conditions, creating a favorable working environment at Gubkin University.

We are consistently among the top Russian universities based on the independent evaluation of national and international rankings. Success in various fields is confirmed by our achievements in science, culture and sports, including government awards, victories and prizes at scientific and practical conferences and forums, as well as at sports championships and competitions.

Gubkin University is proud of the achievements and success of its students and is grateful to its faculty and staff members. All these are the merits of our team!

May stability and prosperity be with us in the coming year! I sincerely wish everyone strong health, family well-being, ambitious goals and new achievements!

Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University