Intellectual Marathon

The Intellectual Marathon traditionally takes place in April as part of the events dedicated to Gubkin Day. The Marathon is a competition of teams representing nine faculties of the University who meet to contend in originality, creativity and intelligence.

"Dare to be wise!" are the words of the Roman poet Horace which have become the motto of the event.

The Intellectual Marathon is a project for those who seek to creative and outstanding perception of life, success and high professional achievements. It is a combination of intellectual competition and sports drive, demonstration of knowledge in various fields of the humanities, team cohesion and achievement of personal goals.

The Intellectual Marathon delights participants and guests with interesting ideas, innovative tasks and questions, and consists of the following parts: introduction, question-answer competition, duel, erudite, competition of captains, portrait.

Annually, the Foundation of Gubkin University Alumni provides financial support to this competition and its representative participates in the panel of judges.

"Every year I wait for the moment when I see sparkling eyes of the marathon participants! Every time I admire their erudition and ambition", notes the chief organizer of the Marathon.

The event is traditionally held in the Palace of Culture "Gubkinets".