The traditional offsite studies for Gubkin University activists were held in Zaluchye

On 18-21 February 2021, the 13th offsite studies were held at Zaluchye Academic and Industry Center in the Tver Region. Over 120 Gubkin University student activists participated in the studies.

The offsite studies are organized annually and include educational, cultural and sports activities. This season, the teams were built up by faculties. In 2021, the offsite studies were held under the slogan “Mission Reset”, which marked a new stage in the student life of Gubkin University.

The event was opened by Dr. Vladimir Koshelev, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Alexander Maksimenko, Vice-Rector for Scientific and International Affairs, Mr. Anton Tumanov, Head of the Department of Youth Projects and Initiatives.

As part of the offsite studies, a traditional meeting was held with Dr. Viktor Martynov, Rector of Gubkin University. The meeting was moderated by Ms. Anastasia Serapiao, Chair of the Joint Council of Students. During the meeting, the participants highlighted such issues as the development of student sports and science, the establishment of a volunteer center on the basis of the University, the improvement of living conditions on campus, including the development of a new multifunctional student environment and the introduction of a hybrid learning format. Over 15 questions related to all areas of student life at the University were raised by the participants during the meeting.

This year, the study program included a number of educational lectures – Scholarship Support, Modern Educational Process, Student Science in the Era of Transformation, Support for Student Initiatives, University Campus, and University Informatization. As part of the program, the participants also learned to develop project proposals in order to receive grant support. At the end of the studies, the most active participants and teams received awards.