New engineers for the oil and gas industry graduated from Gubkin University

On June 21, 2018 the Graduation Ceremony was held in the Palace of Culture "Gubkinets" at Gubkin University. Nearly 2,800 young specialists have been trained by the University for the oil and gas industry and graduated this year. Honors diplomas and honorary awards famous as the Stars of Gubkin University were handed out to best University graduates.

The event brought together over 1,000 graduates and their parents, and honored guests. Honors diplomas to best university graduates were handed out by the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov and the President of Gubkin University Albert Vladimirov.

In 2018, 151 specialists, 1,650 bachelor’s degree and 1,011 master’s degree holders have left the University.

The Graduation Ceremony 2018 traditionally was opened by a welcome speech made by the Rector of Gubkin University Viktor Martynov who congratulated graduates, their parents, faculty and staff.“Today, as always, our specialists are needed by the industry and on labor market. This is confirmed by the current ranking of universities according to the employer’s demand in which Gubkin University has been consistently among the top-3 for many years. I am confident that our graduates are able to take responsibility and offer effective solutions. It provides deep knowledge of oil and gas processes and unique systemic thinking which they were capable to develop with the help of our faculty members. Today, speaking about the future, I hope that the knowledge, skills and abilities obtained within the walls of our university will help you to make a really good career. I wish you success!” – said Viktor Martynov.

The University graduates were also greeted by the Deputy Minister for Energy of the Russian Federation Kirill Molodtsov as well as the representatives of the leading oil and gas companies, including Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, LUKOIL, NOVATEK and other.