International students of Gubkin University made their first parachute jump

On 2 July 2022, a group of international students of Gubkin University underwent special training and made a parachute jump at the Kirzhach airfield in Vladimir Oblast.

Students from Bulgaria, the Republic of the Congo and North Macedonia studying at the Faculty of International Energy Business, the Faculty of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering made their first parachute jump from a height of 800 meters and received certificates of a skydiver.

“This weekend has become special! Thanks to Gubkin University and the International Students Office, we were given an incredible opportunity to skydive, gain new experience, strengthen self-confidence and overcome our fears,” – said Gubkin University students sharing their impressions. ”As soon as we arrived at the airfield, we felt adrenaline and experienced incredible emotions. At the airport, we were met by wonderful people who gave us briefings. Thanks to professional instructors, our jump was safe and unforgettable. This day brought us many wonderful moments and emotions that we will remember during the whole life.”