The 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference: Oilfield Chemistry was held at Gubkin University

On 19 November 2020, Gubkin University hosted the 7th International (15th All-Russian) Scientific and Practical Conference "Oilfield Chemistry". 65 participants, representing 25 educational, scientific and industrial institutions and organizations, oil and gas companies took part in the online event.

The event was held within the activity aimed at the establishment and development of a world-class scientific center "Sustainable development of liquid hydrocarbon reserves of the planet" in line with the priority of scientific and technological development "Environmentally friendly resource-saving energy, effective regional use of mineral and biological resources" with the support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

During the event, 17 presentations were delivered, and the main issues of oilfield chemistry were discussed.

The conference participants noted that in recent years research activities aimed at obtaining various chemical reagents and studying the mechanism of their action have become much more intensive. It is evidenced by 72 articles and theses of reports presented at the conference, as well as an increasingly widespread use of national chemical reagents in the oil and gas industry.

Special attention at the conference was paid to the technologies for carrying out repair and isolation works, intensification and technologies to combat complications in oil production.

Based on the voting results, the report “Development of software and hardware for tomographic research" made by Mr. Alexey Gogolev, Deputy Director for Development of Tomsk Polytechnic University, was recognized the best one at the conference. The best presentation delivered by a postgraduate student became the presentation "Gelling material for non-polymer breakdown agents based on viscoelastic surfactants” by Ms. Polina Krisanova from Gubkin University.

The secretaries of the conference organizing committee were Dr. Lyudmila Ivanova, Professor of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Petroleum Chemistry, Dr. Lucia Davletshina, Associate Professor of the Department of Technology of Chemicals for Oil and Gas Industry, and Ms. Polina Krisanova, Mr. Sergey Borodin, Ms. Svetlana Aksenova and Ms. Vlada Sokolova, postgraduate students of the Department of Technology of Chemicals for Oil and Gas Industry of Gubkin University.